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  • Assist your customers at
    every step with Interactive voice & video chat into
    your web and mobile apps.

    1-step setup    |   14 days trial    |   no credit cards

    Create a personalized experience with voice and video calls

    Faster and quicker

    Represent your brand and experience through instant live voice and video calls. It starts with a simple click. You don’t need to follow a lengthy process like others.

    Built with WebRTC

    Built with the leading real-time communication technology.Make live voice and video chat directly in the browser, no need for third party software downloads.

    For every devices

    No matter where your customers are, you can always do voice & video calls from PC, laptop, tablet and mobile.

    Enhance customer support and
    make interactions more personal

    In 2015, Forrester predicts that customer will explore new ways of communications such as voice call, video and screen sharing. In 2017, now this is happening. Most of businesses option voice and video call for their customer support.

    • Easiest way to get customer confidence

    • Increases 3X average time on site

    • Talk to customers instantly

    • Solve customer query while browsing sites

    • Increase customer satisfaction and avoid confusion

    • Share files and screenshots while chatting

    Getting to know your customer

    Video and voice chat can help businesses to improve customer experience, improve onboarding process and boost sales in many ways. With Tagove video chat software’s quick installation process, you can be up and running within minutes.

    Customer support

    Customer service reps can easily resolve customer issue faster and improve customer experience with voice and video chats.


    Sales is always done better in-person, but voice and video chat really breaks down the barriers for your team to help close more sales.


    Customers usually have many questions to help them to get started with your product. With video chat, you can dramatically increase product engagement

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    1-step setup     14 days trial     no credit cards

    Video call features

    Video chat is the future of customer service. Our voice and chat software have many features to give operators the best possible experience to the customers in real-time.

    Real time call transfer

    To make sure your team in connected to help customers is very important. We can’t have all the answers at times, so you can now invite other team members into a video conversation with a simple click.

    One/two way video and voice

    A customer has the choice of answering the call as a video or a voice chat giving them complete flexibility on whichever communication method they desire

    Get more with voice/video
    chat and co-browsing

    With the co-browsing feature, the customer assistant will be able to reach the browsing window of the customer, can interact with them and solve their query at the real time. This sends a positive message to the customer and increases the credibility factor.

    Run on any devices/ browsers

    Make a stronger personal bond or connections with the help of the real-time conversation. It provides the real-time, personal customer support.

    No Download, No installation

    Your customer doesn’t need to install or download any software. It starts with a single clicks button.

    Mobile SDK

    Integrating our live chat with your web or mobile apps is easy now. With SDK set up, you can easily integrate and manage in one app.

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    1-step setup     14 days trial     no credit cards