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Okay, let’s assume when a visitor bumps into your website expecting for some assistance and they cannot find one, due to unavailability of any online agents. This could be slipping a potential lead or an existing customer that needs an immediate response to their queries.

The Need

Generally, every website has an offline form that a user needs to fill up with questions that will be forwarded to the respective departments, But! The catch is; they get partial information because what a customer, practically needs; is an entity to have real-time interaction, with which they can form an active conversation. This could actually make them feel a person that there is someone out there to listen, acknowledge, react, and answer the questions.


There is no doubt that in coming ages a consumer will manage to do their tasks without having much of interaction with a live human being.

So here comes the Tagove chat Bot into action which prompts a visitor for having a chat by sending an automated message followed by predefined rules or can be started by visitor itself.  It will act as a substitute for a real agent by asking different questions and answering the same automatically.

In the given example of pictures a Chat Bot is interacting with the customer by welcoming them to the website, starting with the formal information (Name) and taking it forward by asking the Email address and the reason for reaching out to the website so that it can be conveyed further to the desired team for future contacts. And the most important is the customer won’t feel like they are talking to chatbot because of real-time interaction.

How Tagove chatbot helps

  • Immediate responses to customers.
  • Recovers the number of leads (we saw 3X more leads) that were slipped away earlier when agents were unavailable.
  • More leads=more sales indeed.
  • Contributing more engagements and customer satisfaction.
  • The error rate is reduced made by a human.
  • One time investment that saves money spent on the additional number of agents.
  • Improving customer experience increases the chances of getting more quality leads.
  • Reduce communication gap.
  • Automated messages to a visitor help in generating leads.

Also, coming up with new way to communicate with your customer

Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

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