Acquire Tagove ranked among Fastest Growing B2B SaaS Companies in 2017

Tagove ranked no. 1 Fastest Growing B2B SaaS Companies in 2017 Read More


Tagove has been chosen as one of top 25 fastest growing SaaS B2B company globally by Cardin Partner. Not enough, wait, as per BuiltWith data, they have overtaken some leading/ established companies in just one year and dominated by the majority co-browsing market share across the USA in 2017.

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Another software vendor research firm FinanceOnline reveals Tagove as one of top 20 best live chat software in 2017.

The Path to Success

Tagove started operating in Mid 2016, with a headcount of 5, but slowly they have grown to 25 with different skill sets and experience. The important thing is, most of them are younger than 30 years old and they are accelerating the company growth with drive and enthusiasm.

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They started with the basic live chat and then moved towards AI based chatbots, Co-browsing, video chat, profile management tools within the last 6 months. Currently, they are working on more advanced features with aiming to provide a 360* customer experience.

They have acquired large brands like Uber, Samsung, upwork and Audi.

Rapid customer acquisition: 1000 to 8800+ and the march is on….

Mr. Laduram, Tagove CEO remarks, “the first 1000 customers were hard work, but since then we have never looked back. Our marketing team has done a tremendous job by acquiring new clients and the development team and customer success have helped us retain customers by providing a simple, but effective useful features, with great technical support.”

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We are now the market share leader in the US and growth is accelerating. Contact us for co-browsing and live chat related to query.

Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

Tagove been chosen as one of top 25 fastest growing SaaS B2B companies globally by Cardin Partners. According to BuiltWidth data, Tagrove is now the market share leader, just one year after entering the co-browsing market.

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