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Offer real-time support
and resolve customer questions instantly
and personally with live chat.

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live chat software

Our live chat software + your agents = more conversions + better support

Have effortless conversations

Pro-active chats are a great way to engage your customers and get a conversation going.

On the go

Not at your desk, you can keep the conversation going on mobile with our ready to download mobile apps.

Capture leads

Even when you’re not online you can use offline-forms to capture your customer’s details to re-engage them the next day.

Creating a personal connection
with all your customers

The better communication between you and your clients, the better chance you have of retaining your customers. Tagove give your team the perfect live chat software to connect and start conversation with your customers pro-actively.

Invite the team

Make sure the customer is able to talk to the correct team member. With ‘invite’ you can bring other team members into your conversation.

Maintain customer details

By saving customer details you can make sure you know who they are if they re-engage and build more loyal relationships.

Segment customers

Targeting the customers on chat is a great way to show your customers you understand their needs.

Give personal experience

Give more personalized experience by using trigger. It initiates proactive chat automatically with customer based on specified conditions like URL, country etc.

live chat

live-chat software

Measure everything what agent
talks with customers

Response time

Make sure customers are being responded to with quicker response time and analyzing in real-time.

Measure chats

See how many chats are being answered and by who, missed chats and when your customers are trying to contact your team.

Chat results

With surveys you can see how your team are doing and if customers are having a good experience.

Visualize agent’s performance

Measure your agent’s performance with simple and easy analytics. Easily figure out which agent is performing well.

Connect with your customers now

1-step setup     14 days trial     no credit cards

What more?

Integration is easy

Support most of CRM, Ecommerce, Email marketing and Helpdesk applications including Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynanmic, Mailchimp, Shopify etc.

Customize in your way

Make the widget to your brand by customizing the chat widget with colors and different styles. Also, create unlimited canned message to reply faster.

Set business hours

Set-up your business operation hours for incoming chats, this will automatically turn the chat off at the end of the day.

Video and voice chat

If you want more personalised experience, try video and voice chat functionality right the way.

Mobile SDK

Integrating our live chat with your web or mobile apps is easy now. With SDK set up, you can easily integrate and manage in one app.

Instant file sharing

Share unlimited files in various formats including image, word, PDF etc. And yes, it would be fully secured and encrypted.

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1-step setup     14 days trial     no credit cards