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Tagove gives your chats data
and agents activity to make
customer support better.

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Live chat software analytics

With robust live chat analytics, you can

Make better business decisions

Thousands of live chat and reporting data provide a clear idea, actionable insights and a make business decision better and faster.

Measure performance

With plenty of KPI like chat volume, missed chats, average drop-off time, average chat time and agent metrics, you measure performance of agents.

Improve sales and support

This robust live chat analytic provides a complete view of visitor experience, and their behaviour which leads to improve sales and support.

Powerful Live chat analytic tool

Whether you want to increase sales, improve agent performance, improve customer service or combination of factors, our live chat analytics metrics provide to key roles.

Agent level reporting

Monitor & view agent’s performance with key metrics – assigned chat, missed chat, average drop-off time, average chat time, average response time, available daily time and so on.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor your customer support agents in real time. Export activity data on chat volume, visitor history, and agent performance for better sales and support.

Advance search (agents & chats)

Reporting lets sort historical charts, and real-time chats based on agent and date. This will help manager or supervisor to understand and visualise agent’s activity.

live chat analytics

real time visitor analytics

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Customer insights

Along with chat history, you can view customer’s important details like location, devices, and operating systems and to get a clear picture to understand buying behaviour.

All-in one dashboard

View a complete live site activity (including average response time, total time spent on chat, survey rating results and total offline.) in all-in one dashboard. This will give a clear idea to monitor the metrics that matter most to you.

Real-time visitor tracking

Customised trigger help you to track and view each individual visitor’s journey, to understand their behaviour, analyse surfing habits, to predict user problems and reach out at the right time.

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This live chat analytics is just more than data

Proactive invites

Our metrics analyse time on site and offer chat assistance

Exports reports

You can easily export all kind of your reports with CSV files.

Stay notified

Get daily/weekly digests reports directly to your email.

Third party integration

Easily integrate third party tools like Google analytics, mixpanel.

Filter leads via tagging

Tag visitors to understand their requirements clearly.

Filter leads via tagging

And also, filter leads – new customer, existing, etc.

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