Acquire Widget Themes - Tagove

Widget Themes

Widget theme basically shows and allows you to change the view of Tagove chat box according to your website visitors.

1. To change the Widget theme. Simply click ‘Integration’ button from the side bar.

2. Click on “Widget theme” option here.

3. Here you can select one of the various given widget types for your website

4. After choosing the desired widget, you can edit these options as per your requirements.

- Changing background color for online widget.

- Changing color for offline button (When no agents are available).

- Silent widget does not visually show the chat widget unless the user for example clicks a button. This could be a ‘video call’ button which then shows the widget.

- Co-browse only widget will be shown to the user only at the time of co-browsing, as no other functionality will be available else co-browse.

- Default drawing mode will enable you drawing feature that is to be used in the co-browsing session