Acquire Voice call - Tagove

Voice Call

1. This is how a chat appears on the backend side of the agent dashboard, here it is a Voice call showing in the pending chats section as it has not been answered yet.

2. To pick a chat you need to click on the above notification and as soon as it is picked, it will be moved in the active chats section.

3. After clicking on the chat notification, it will get immediately opened-up like shown below and you can anytime minimize and maximize it.

4. An agent needs to click on the button highlighted below to initiate a Voice call with a customer.

5. As soon as an Agent clicks the above button; a customer on the front end will get a notification like shown below with options to answer or reject a Voice call between them as per choice.

6. Below image shows the customer side chats window and the highlighted button to initiate a voice call from his side.

7. As soon as a customer clicks the above button; an agent on the back end will get a notification like shown below with an additional option for sharing a video call as well between them or he can also reject the call as per choice.

8. During a voice call your voice input can be muted as per choice, not allowing participants to hear you. You just need to click on the Mic icon to turn it On/Off as shown below.