Acquire Triggers - Tagove


Triggers are basically pre-defined actions that occur with any situation or another action. Here we have pro-active automated messages that are to be sent to online users after certain condition.

For example:Send a message to a visitor if they have been on the website for more than 15 seconds.

1. To set-up Triggers you must go to the ‘Triggers’ section from the side bar.

2. You can see list of already created triggers if any.
Also, can edit or delete them by clicking on the blue button to edit and red one for deleting as shown below.

3.For creating a new trigger you need to click on the “New trigger” button shown below.

4. You must then fill out the following form.

- Trigger name as per its action.

- With status you can make the trigger active or disable.

- Order allows you to run the trigger in a specific order.

- Set rules to match for the given condition with Matching Rules.

- Keep enable allows a trigger to run just once or continuously when the page is changed.

5. Here you can see an option of Schedule that allows to set the time frame that enables the trigger to that particular zone by providing the dates for same

6. Here you can set the pre-defined Trigger attributes by adding conditions to how its filter will work.