Acquire Dashboard - Tagove


Dashboard is the primary page on the backend side for handling all the the functions for Tagove’s chat widget.

Below is the image of how a dashboard generally looks like:


Below points are explained regarding different functionalities on the dashboard which are marked in the Image: 2.

1. Co-browsing Code is a code generated in only co-browsing mode from the customers end and not the agent end to execute co-browsing between them.

2. Number 2 highlights the about the total number of agents that are online at the time.

3. Available agents that are not indulged in any chat, so can receive a chat immediately.


Points 4,5,6,7 for Image: 3

4. Total number of visitors that are currently online on the website.

5. Queue for the chats that are waiting for the agents to answer.

6. Total pending chats waiting to be picked.

7. Number of active chats that are currently running.


Points 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 for Image: 4

8. Column for the list of online visitors on the website individual id’s.

9. User info of the visitors of the website like: Country, browser, device, operating system.

10. Online since gives info about user’s availability on the website since what time.

11. Page track provides the page link on which the user is currently operating on the website.

12. Source gives the link from where the visitor might have jumped from on your website.

13. History is the number of previous chats that particular visitor had done.

14. Tags

15. Agents columns shows that which agent is having a chat with which visitor.