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Add additional seats

Additional seats can be added from your dashboard itself once you have logged in.

1. Simply click on ‘Upgrade’ at the top-right section of your dashboard.

2. You will get the upgrade package options from that you will need to select on the desired plan that suits you best.

3. After selecting the package you will get options to input the number of agents that you need to add also how the billing cycle should be, here you can select both.

4. Here you can click on upgrade to use the existing card details or you can add another card that you need to use for the payment.

5. Select “Add Credit Card”.

6. Add Credit card details here.

7. After completing payment process, click on the “Agents” button from the sidebar.

8. Select “New Agent” to add agents.

9. Fill out the agent details in this form below and then click ‘submit’ to Add additional seats.

10. All agents including added agents will be displayed in the “Agents” section.