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The use of email for internet marketing is an age-long marketing strategy.

Email marketing works great and of course, it helps you improve your conversion rate. Call centers have been good too. However, there’s more. Chatbots are doing even more. Yeah, that's true.. take a look at this whitepaper

Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

People want to talk with chatbots now more than ever. In a recent mobile messaging report, about 50.6% of the respondents said they will choose to talk to a business through a chatbot rather than a phone call.

chatbot mobile messaging report

In the foreseeable future, the sentence “Send me an email” will be changed to “Talk to our bot” as chatbots are rapidly penetrating the market, and fortunately it’s a been a welcome technology by everyone out there.

Even Gartner predicts that more than 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020.

Why is a chatbot important for your business? It’s amazing how chatbot search trend on Google keeps going up since 2015.

chatbot strategy

According to Mark Zuckerberg, “AI combined with some human help will allow users to hold fairly normal conversations with bots just like one would with friends.”

That being said, here are some of the obvious reasons why chatbots will most assuredly replace phone support and email:

1. Immediate response

I receive tons of emails all the time and of course, I can’t reply them all instantly.

In fact, when I’m overwhelmed, I’ll simply reply the ones that interest me and ignore others.

My major means of communication is through email. There are times when I’ll send an email and after 1 week the email hasn’t even been opened yet, and sometimes it even takes longer time for the support to respond to my query.

I use Mailtrack to track my email activities, so I get this often:


For most email responses, you’re required to provide more information. This can lead to a lot of back and forth emails.

I’ll be like, “oh my God,” after waiting for over 1 week, here I go again, I reply the email and wait for another 3 - 5 business days for my email to be responded to. Well, that experience is not nice at all.

I’m not the only one who has this experience. A recent study by Epsilon in the third quarter of 2010 and of 2016 shows a decreasing rate of email click-through rates.

email open rate

If you’ve used any customer support chatbot before, you’ll agree that they are way faster than email responses. In fact, the responses are almost instant. And trust me that exactly what customers want.

Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

In a recent survey, it was found that 65% of customers blamed their bad customer service experience based on the fact that “the issue is taking too long to resolve.”

A chatbot can to a large extent solve that problem and allow you answer your customers’ questions fast, as well as improve your conversion rate.

2. People don’t consider being messaged a distraction

The truth is, people, see messages from a chatbot as a message from a friend even though they know it’s a bot.

Your chatbot can start pushing informative messages to your targeted prospective customers just the same way it’s done via email marketing. But the difference is that your customers can interact with your chatbot and get instant responses.

For example, Tagove launches chatbot (offline representative) for interacting with offline visitors on a website. Earlier when a visitor bumps into your website expecting for some assistance and they cannot find one, due to unavailability of any online agents. This could be slipping a potential lead or an existing customer that needs an immediate response to their queries. But Tagove chatbot solves this problem and provided seamless integration.

Another vital aspect is that with your bot you don’t need to install plugins to get insights about your customer’s activity with your content. You get everything embedded in your chatbot.

Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

3. People sign up to be contacted

While email marketing is great, one caveat it has is that it’s increasingly becoming more expensive to acquire targeted email addresses for marketing.

You have to build an opt-in page and drive traffic to the page. On the flip side, if your messenger lives on Facebook Messenger app, it’s easier and cheaper.

Facebook allows communication with people that like your Facebook page.

That means anyone that likes your page has automatically signed up to receive messages from you. Besides, creating a Facebook page is free and your audience is already on Facebook.

Statistics from Facebook shows there are over 2.01 billion Facebook users as of June 2017.

So, the only thing you might need to do is to invest money in Facebook ads to promote your page (and landing page). Remember that anyone who likes your page is obviously interested in your company.

Not every customer checks their email every now and then. But a chatbot will make it a lot easier to send your emails and get it opened almost immediately.


Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

People spend a lot of time each day on social media. According to MarketingProfs, they spend over 35 minutes on Facebook. I know a lot of people that spend much more time each day on Facebook alone.

average daily spent time on social

4. People respond to CTAs — calls to action

The click-through rate via chatbots is higher than emails. According to statistics by Octane, email campaigns see a 15–24% open rate (depending on the industry), 1.8–4.7% will click - (only 1.95% will sign up for your newsletter when given the option).

On the other hand, chatbots messages generate 15 – 60% CTR from users.

chatbot cta

It’s also noted that over 97% of people will receive the messages you send to them via push notifications. The good part is, you can easily send messages to all your followers at the same time.

Last but not the least, unlike emails; you’ll most likely get 30 – 50% to follow you via a chatbot message if you give them the opportunity. But don’t take my word for it, I’ve got a proof to back it up:

The popular brand Adidas experienced a 266% increase in conversion rate using chatbots.

Chatbots powered by AI are quickly being adopted by forwarding thinking brands like American express and H&M, to supercharge their customer service experience.

Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

So, it goes without saying that you’ll get more clicks and conversion rate with chatbots as compared to email marketing and phone call campaigns.

5. Your chatbot reside where your customers are

A chatbot is an amazing technology, and it’s going to change the way marketing will be done in the future. Today, chatbots leverage social media facilities to bring brands closer to their customers.

Imagine. Your car is due for service and boom you receive an email from your automobile company informing you that your car is due and sends you a link to fill in some information into a web form.

After filling the form, an appointment is sent to your email (scenario A).

When it comes to a chatbot, it’s a different game entirely. You don’t need to log into your inbox.

Right on your Facebook timeline, you can get a message from the automobile company in a friendly and casual manner, informing you that you need to book an appointment.

Not just that, it also asks you about the time you’ll want your car serviced. And you quickly replied with date and time, it saves it and books the appointment for you. That’s all (scenario B).

As you can see, chatbots are quicker and provide a better customer experience.


Chatbots are the future of customer service facilities. With Natural Language and Machine Learning technology, chatbots are incorporating human touch to allow customers enjoy their experience and get maximum satisfaction.

Though chatbots aren’t perfect yet, they’re future. When you consider the reasons, I stated earlier, you’ll agree with me that it’s going to take over email marketing and phone calls (especially, for business purposes).

I’d love to hear from you. Do you believe that chatbots are paving the way for a better and seamless customer service? Leave your comment in the box. or check this whitepaper

Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service


Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

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